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  • Pension funds suffer under current market conditions

    Losses across both stock and bond markets delivered a double blow to the funds that manage more than $4.5 trillion in retirement savings for America’s teachers, firefighters and other public workers. These retirement plans returned a median minus 4.01% in the first quarter, according to data from the Wilshire Trust Universe Comparison Service expected to be released Tuesday. Recent […]

  • Public pension funds may be over dependent on stocks

    U.S. state and local government pension funds control more than $4 trillion in public-worker retirement savings but will need hundreds of billions of additional dollars to cover promised future benefits. Over the past 12 years, blockbuster stock performance has swelled pension coffers, bringing state and local governments closer to being able to cover those liabilities […]

  • The Yield – Week ending June 11, 2021

    Rebalancing portfolios, pie charts, inflation fears, oil prices, banks & cash, more inflation news, and much much more

  • 10 questions retirees get wrong

    This is a pretty good list. The one I didn’t know is at the end regarding the standard deduction. Those 65 and older get a higher standard deduction. Who says it doesn’t pay to get old? those 65 and older get an extra $1,700 in 2021 if they’re filing as single or head of household […]