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  • The great risk rebalance

    The great risk rebalance

    High Yield Portfolio takes a big hit and I attempt to rebalance that portfolio to maintain a high dividend with less risk.

  • Chasing The Yield Podcast – July 19, 2021

    Chasing The Yield Podcast – July 19, 2021

    Markets are taking a dive, J&J has more problems, Microsoft blames Israeli group, OPEC reaches compromise, hotels eliminating housekeeping, and much more!

  • AT&T 2022 dividend cut may not be a bad thing

    AT&T 2022 dividend cut may not be a bad thing

    When investing for income the last thing you want to hear is one of your holdings announcing a dividend cut. That is the case with AT&T. They announced Monday that they will be spinning off Warner Media and Discovery into a new publicly traded company. As a result the company will reduce it’s dividend payout […]

  • Dividend Yield Theory and why I use it

    Dividend Yield Theory is the idea that a Blue Chip company’s dividend yield should hover around it’s average over some long period of time. Blue chip companies are boring, stable, and have business models that don’t change much. They are not necessarily growth companies like tech stocks but should maintain a stable stock price and […]

  • Dividend movers of the month

    The month of February was pretty good for my portfolio. All in all my annual income increased by $113.00 from investments in 8 companies. T. Rowe Price (TROW) was by far my biggest mover. They increased their dividend by 20%. It’s dividend went to $1.08 per share from $0.90 per share. Coca-Cola (KO) announced a […]