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5 Jul, 2021
2 Jul, 2021

Verizon vows to support low cost wireless service

Verizon wants to buy Tracfone. In order to gain favor to get the approval they are vowing to continue to support low cost wireless service for at least three years. Verizon Communications¬†Inc. told federal regulators it would keep supporting low-cost wireless service for three years if it is allowed to buy TracFone, a sign of […]
30 Jun, 2021

AT&T to use Microsoft’s cloud

Microsoft, which analysts believe to be the second largest cloud computing provider by revenue behind rival Amazon Web Services, has been building out specific cloud computing offering to go after carriers, and AT&T is the Redmond, Washington-based company’s first major win. The two also said that Microsoft will purchase software and intellectual property developed by […]
19 Jun, 2021

The Yield – Week ending June 18, 2021

Stocks drop for the week, oil prices hit a high, jobless claims increase, the year of the individual investor, Microsoft names new board chairman, IBM closes an acquisition, Sonoco expands recycling, and Verizon gets a contract. All that including my weekly portfolio update and dividend news
4 May, 2021

Verizon to sell Yahoo and AOL

Verizon is 2.1% of my Medium Yield Portfolio. This is good news to me. I don’t know why they bought Yahoo! or AOL in the first place. Verizon had dreams I guess of being a multimedia conglomerate. Regardless neither of those companies would have brought them what they wanted. I wonder what they actually go […]