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  • American Petroleum Institute proposes U.S. adopt carbon tax

    I suspect this proposal will allow oil companies to fight activist investors. I don’t believe in the effectiveness of any carbon tax or cap & trade scheme. The API proposal calls for assessing gasoline wholesalers, power plants and others a tax starting at $35 to $50 a ton for carbon dioxide generated by the fossil […]

  • Systemic Inflation

    COVID-19 policies creating systemic inflation, 100 year old trucking company folds, tax loss harvesting, and much more!

  • Positive VIB3S

    I get a 4 out of 5 in podcast quality, I rebalance a portfolio for sector exposure, receive a shareholder letter that I’ve never received before, and more!

  • You may no longer gain so much from your capital gains

    Accountants are going to have to get creative should the legislation pass. In addition, the marriage penalty is enormous. If I was in that income bracket I would hold off getting married before I take such a large hit. If passed, the new tax law hits married couples hard if they make $450k or more. […]

  • El Salvador Bitcoin Scam?

    El Salvador Bitcoin scam, higher taxes, more inflation, Pfizer pushing vaccines for children approval, and much more!

  • Pending changes to the tax law

    The American Families Plan will bring changes that may effect how you invest. Be cautious this year with how you manage your assets. You don’t want to make any drastic changes until this new law is set in stone. Top marginal rate increase to 39.6% Top capital gains rate on long term gains for those […]