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  • Profit taking on Albemarle (ALB)

    Profit taking on Albemarle (ALB)

    I purchased my holdings in Albemarle (ALB) on August 28, 2019 at $59.06/share. The stock price is up 282% since then and I think it now may be overvalued. In addition, Albemarle’s current dividend yield is only 0.72%. I’m going to reduce my holdings in Albemarle back to my original investment of $5,000, take those […]

  • Gone fishing

    Gone fishing

    I’m late because I went fishing on Monday. Company focus on Albemarle

  • El Salvador Bitcoin Scam?

    El Salvador Bitcoin Scam?

    El Salvador Bitcoin scam, higher taxes, more inflation, Pfizer pushing vaccines for children approval, and much more!

  • WSJ columnist Telis Demos on the benefits of a diversified portfolio

    WSJ columnist Telis Demos on the benefits of a diversified portfolio

    The best advice in this video is if you’re going to buy individual stocks yourself you need to buy in industries that won’t react to the same piece of news in the same way.

  • One step forward two steps back

    One step forward two steps back

    https://media.blubrry.com/chasingtheyield/chasingtheyield.com/mp3/2021-08-23-CTY018.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 21:36 — 15.5MB) | EmbedSubscribe Android | Blubrry | Podchaser | Podcast Index | RSS | MoreChasing the Yield – August 23, 2021 Episode 18 Value 4 Value podcastingListen to this podcast on PodFriend News https://www.chasingtheyield.com/2021/08/18/target-sales-up-8-9-year-over-year/ https://www.chasingtheyield.com/2021/08/18/main-street-capital-announces-38-5-million-in-investments/ https://www.chasingtheyield.com/2021/08/19/jjs-ceo-announces-hes-stepping-down/ Portfolio Update LowYield MediumYield HighYield Week -2.02% -2.37% -3.52% […]

  • Markets drop over 1% at the end of the day

    Markets drop over 1% at the end of the day

    Stock losses accelerated toward the end of the trading session, leaving major indices around session lows by the time the market closed. The Fed minutes, released Wednesday afternoon, showed most officials believe the economic recovery has advanced enough that the central bank could begin the tapering process sometime this year. That put some pressure on stocks, which […]

  • Regaining some lost ground

    Regaining some lost ground

    Regained some lost ground last week, possible class action law suit brewing for Hoegh LNG Partners, employers increasingly looking towards vaccine mandates, companies hoarding cash, and much more!

  • The great risk rebalance

    The great risk rebalance

    High Yield Portfolio takes a big hit and I attempt to rebalance that portfolio to maintain a high dividend with less risk.

  • The great rebalance

    The great rebalance

    I made all my moves and hopefully I have things better balanced with less risk for my High Yield Portfolio. The yield is still high but at more moderate at about 8% versus the 12% in the prior mix. The safety of the dividends and distributions are much safer although still at a higher risk […]

  • Chasing The Yield Podcast – July 19, 2021

    Chasing The Yield Podcast – July 19, 2021

    Markets are taking a dive, J&J has more problems, Microsoft blames Israeli group, OPEC reaches compromise, hotels eliminating housekeeping, and much more!