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20 Sep, 2021
16 Aug, 2021

Regaining some lost ground

Regained some lost ground last week, possible class action law suit brewing for Hoegh LNG Partners, employers increasingly looking towards vaccine mandates, companies hoarding cash, and much more!
9 Aug, 2021

August 9, 2021

I'm in a bit of a mood but still get through the podcast. High yield portfolio still trying to recover and much more!
2 Aug, 2021
28 Jul, 2021

The great rebalance

I made all my moves and hopefully I have things better balanced with less risk for my High Yield Portfolio. The yield is still high but at more moderate at about 8% versus the 12% in the prior mix. The safety of the dividends and distributions are much safer although still at a higher risk […]
28 Jul, 2021

In the wake of Hoegh LNG Partners dividend cut

I almost pulled the trigger on selling off my holdings in Hoegh LNG Partners until my cooler head prevailed. Let’s hope I made the right decision. After the announcement of their 98% dividend cut investors were dumping their shares and the stock price opened today at $7.05 down from $17.87 at the close yesterday. That’s […]
12 Jun, 2021
6 Jun, 2021

Do you rebalance your portfolio?

If you rebalance your portfolio how often do you do it? What are the reasons that you rebalance? I got to thinking more about this after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning. The case for rebalancing is pretty straightforward. Over time, assets whose prices rise account for a growing proportion of […]

Low Yield Portfolio

Here is a review of my Low Yield Portfolio. It is the first account I created when heading down the path of investing for income. Being an IRA I cannot touch the money until I turn 59 1/2 years old (I’m 54 now) therefore all of the dividends received get reinvested. This portfolio is designed […]
4 May, 2021

W. P. Carey shares added to Medium Yield Portfolio

Yesterday I added shares of W.P. Carey, Inc. (WPC) to my Medium Yield Portfolio. I needed some additional balance where the financials sector is a little heavy in that portfolio. WPC is now 1.4% of that portfolio raising my real estate percentage from 7% to 9% and reducing financials from 28% to 27%. I’ll be […]