Tag: Interest rates

  • Chief global economist for Bank of America sees 7 interest rate hikes in 2022

    Somehow, I doubt anyone is reading the tea leaves correctly. I certainly don’t know what the answer is but one guy predicting 7, others predicting 4, and the nation’s central bank is talking about 3 interest rate hikes in 2022. I’ll split the difference here and predict 5 although I bet you for some reason […]

  • Coal in our stockings?

    Market opens down over 1.5%, Senator Manchin tears down BBB, inflation in Reading PA., world on the verge of a Nutella shortage, and much much more!

  • Fed signals interest rate hikes in 2022

    Most Federal Reserve officials signaled Wednesday they were prepared to raise their short-term benchmark rate at least three times next year to cool high inflation. As expected, officials also approved plans to more quickly scale back the Fed’s pandemic stimulus efforts in response to hotter inflation, opening the door to rate increases starting next spring. Fed officials voted to hold […]

  • New ETF bets on interest rate rise

    Inflation continues to be on the mind of investors and they’re shifting their strategies to mitigate any drastic change. There is also a looming mistrust of Fed policy with regard to interest rates. Simplify Asset Management recently launched the Interest Rate Hedge ETF, which will seek to take advantage of what its backers see as a […]