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13 Sep, 2021
16 Aug, 2021

Regaining some lost ground

Regained some lost ground last week, possible class action law suit brewing for Hoegh LNG Partners, employers increasingly looking towards vaccine mandates, companies hoarding cash, and much more!
11 Aug, 2021

Inflation remains a lingering problem

I wish the federal government would back off a bit. Then we might know exactly where we stand. Eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, a $1 trillion plus infrastructure bill, and now a $3.5 trillion budget blueprint will only cloud things on this economy. The Labor Department reported Wednesday that its consumer-price index rose 5.4% in July from a […]
26 Jul, 2021
22 Jul, 2021

Inflation continues to weigh on companies and consumers

I’m starting to lean towards the notion that this will not be a transitory inflationary period. If a federal $15 minimum wage comes to pass combined with further climate change regulations there is nowhere for costs to go except up. “In an environment where inflation continues to rise quarter after quarter after quarter, there are […]
12 Jun, 2021
10 Jun, 2021

Inflation surges in May. Highest rate in 13 years

I still believe this is temporary. This inflation is largely caused by government shutdowns and changes in consumer behavior as we adjust to living post-COVID-19. While short term inflation is a pain it’s the long term effect of behavior and government policy that needs to be monitored. Strap in folks! The U.S. economy’s rebound from […]
1 Jun, 2021

New ETF bets on interest rate rise

Inflation continues to be on the mind of investors and they’re shifting their strategies to mitigate any drastic change. There is also a looming mistrust of Fed policy with regard to interest rates. Simplify Asset Management recently launched the Interest Rate Hedge ETF, which will seek to take advantage of what its backers see as a […]
12 May, 2021

It was a rough day today and may get much more rough in the near future

The last couple of days have not been kind and today was worse than yesterday. But, in context it’s not all that bad if you consider where the market was at the beginning of 2020 versus where it is today. All that said I think investors should be extremely cautious right now because sometimes when […]
12 May, 2021

Consumer prices rising a result of government COVID-19 response

Prices are rising sharply. Sharply in relative terms as compared to the past decade or more. But what did we expect when governments of the world shut everything down for COVID-19? Economic activity stopped. In order to keep things propped up stimulus was passed that far exceeded anything seen in modern times. People at first […]