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  • Microsoft is now the favorite child of Washington D.C.?

    When a congressional committee was preparing to publicly interrogate the CEOs of four tech giants in 2020, Microsoft Corp. President Brad Smith, whose employer wasn’t on the hot seat, gave the lawmakers a private briefing. When Australia proposed a law to force Facebook and Google to pay for news articles, Mr. Smith endorsed it and offered Microsoft’s Bing as an alternative. When […]

  • Kinder Morgan backed Ruby Pipeline files for bankruptcy

    Kinder Morgan (KMI) has a current dividend yield of 5.71% and is rated as “Safe” by SimplySafeDividends. I hold KMI in my High Yield Portfolio. In total KMI is 1.9% of my portfolio. The Houston-based natural-gas pipeline company filed for bankruptcy voluntarily in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del. Ruby, directly owned by Ruby […]

  • AT&T two-way trading begins April 4

    Note the date of a special trading period for AT&T shareholders regarding the spinoff of Warner Media. AT&T (T) has a current dividend yield of 4.64% and is rated as “Safe” by SimplySafeDividends. I hold T in my Medium Yield Portfolio. In total T is 0.3% of my portfolio. This event is new to me […]

  • 3M to spend over $160 million for Belgium plant remediation

    3M (MMM) has a current dividend yield of 3.91% and is rated as “Safe” by SimplySafeDividends. I hold MMM in my Low & Medium Yield Portfolios. In total MMMis 1.1% of my portfolio. The St. Paul, Minn., manufacturing conglomerate said the investment is aimed at advancing remedial actions for the Zwijndrecht community near the city […]

  • Remote recording woes

    Trying to record remotely in my car. Portfolio update and more!

  • Chevron employees strike at California refinery

    Chevron (CVX) has a current dividend yield of 3.45% and is rated as “Safe” by SimplySafeDividends. I hold CVX in my Low Yield Portfolio. In total CVX is 0.7% of my portfolio. More than 500 Chevron Corp. employees went on strike at a refinery in California on Monday amid a contract stalemate. The strike comes after the […]

  • Take off your pants and jacket

    WFH attire becomes work at office attire, Microsoft Anti-Trust troubles, J&J vaccine shows durability, and much much more!

  • J&J vaccine shows strong durability from single shot

    This week, each company asked the FDA to authorize additional boosters — Pfizer for people over 65, and Moderna for all adults. At the same time, a study published Thursday in the journal JAMA Network Open estimated that a single Johnson & Johnson shot was 76 percent effective at preventing Covid infection and 81 percent for hospitalizations for at […]

  • OVHcloud files antitrust complaint against Microsoft with European Commission

    Microsoft (MSFT) has a current dividend yield of 0.84% and is rated as “Very Safe” by SimplySafeDividends. I hold MSFT in my Low Yield Portfolio. In total MSFT is 0.7% of my portfolio. OVHcloud said it filed the complaint with the European Commission, the European Union’s top competition regulator. The complaint focuses on the way […]

  • Windows 10 mayhem

    Windows 10 upsets my apple cart, Russia continues to dominate the news, public pension stock dependency, companies continue to isolate Russia, and much much more!