The Yield – April 2021 Recap

Here is a recap of what happened with my portfolios in April 2021. My intention is to make this type of post a regular monthly post along with a special podcast segment. Here’s the recap.

Telefonica (TEF) to Consider 25% Dividend Cut in Late 2021 to Prioritize Network Investments – This one is new to my portfolio so I will have to keep a close watch on this one.

Altria’s (MO) long term dividend prospects could be in danger should the Biden Administration’s proposals go through to ban menthol and reduce nicotine levels.

Coca-Cola (KO) appears to be in better shape as they reported their business volume returned to pre-pandemic levels. While this is not good for the nation’s health it may be good for my portfolio.

8 of my holdings announced dividend changes. Overall it was good and increased my annual income .005%. Not massive but I’ll take an increase over a decrease any day.

  • Chevron (CVX) raised its dividend by 3.9% from $1.29/share to $1.34/share.
  • IBM (IBM) raised its dividend by .61% from $1.63/share to $1.64/share.
  • 1st Source Corporation (SRCE) raised its dividend 3.4% from $0.29/share to $0.30/share.
  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) raised its dividend 5% from $1.01/share to $1.06/share.
  • Artesian Resources Corporation (ARTNA) raised its dividend 1.5% from $0.2571/share to $0.261/share.
  • P&G (PG) raised its dividend 10% from $0.7907/share to $0.8698/share.
  • SPHIX-Fidelity High Income Fund lowered its dividend over the last 12 months .46% to $0.03172/share.
  • OZK (OZK) raised its dividend .9% from $0.2775/share to $0.28/share.

I will get into my individual portfolios starting this week so please stay tuned. If you like anything you see on the site or hear on the podcast please consider donating as that will help defray the cost of production.