• 2021 Yields in Review – Redux

    Like an idiot I thought the market would be closed on Friday, January 31, 2022 so I did my wrap up last week. Well, here we go again!

  • Starwood Capital acquires majority interest in Houston based Land Tejas

    Starwood Property Trust (STWD) has a current dividend yield of 7.88% and is rated as “BORDERLINE SAFE” by SimplySafeDividends. I hold STWD in my High Yield Portfolio. In total STWD is 0.3% of my portfolio. Starwood Capital Group, a global private investment firm focused on real estate and energy investments, announced today that a controlled […]

  • 2021 Yields in Review

    2021 comes to an end. Procter & Gamble issues recall, Exxon CFO takes on debt, Self Storage is booming, I review some of my best performers of the year, and much much more!

  • Self Storage is booming during the pandemic

    Public Storage (PSA) has done well for me since August of 2020. It’s up 51.3% in my Medium Yield Portfolio. Their current dividend yield is 2.19%. Self-storage stocks have been big gainers since last year’s economic lockdown, outrunning e-commerce warehouses, rebounding malls and rental houses.  Investors dumped self-storage stocks when the pandemic hit, unaware that the […]

  • Omega Healthcare gets dividend safety rating downgrade from Simply Safe Dividends

    The nursing home REIT is suffering from a host of issues related to the pandemic. One of its operators reported it would no longer be able to pay rent due to lack of occupancy and rising labor costs. Vaccine mandates aren’t making things easier either with only about 61% of the nation’s nursing home staff […]