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  • Why energy companies aren’t increasing natural gas supplies

    Bad for consumers but good for investors. Let’s assume just about all investors are also natural gas consumers so this is a double edged sword. According to the Wall Street Journal, in lieu of producing more natural gas U.S. producers are instead shoring up their bottom lines, buying back shares, and providing dividends. The pursuit […]

  • Russia killed COVID-19

    Russia continues to dominate the news, oil tops $130, Gold surges, Natural Gas prices spike in Europe, and much much more!

  • 2021 Yields in Review – Redux

    Like an idiot I thought the market would be closed on Friday, January 31, 2022 so I did my wrap up last week. Well, here we go again!

  • Natural gas prices on the rise

    U.S. natural-gas futures finished Monday’s session at $4.060 per million British thermal units. That is up 8.8% from $3.731 per million BTUs at Friday’s close and the largest dollar gain since Nov. 26. The Weather Prediction Center predicted heavy snow, freezing temperatures and strong winds in the northern and western parts of the country. “The colder weather […]

  • Natural Gas prices pop in Europe

    Construction of Nord Stream 2 was completed in September, but gas has yet to flow through the pipeline. The conduit links Russia and Germany and is awaiting approval from German and European authorities. Washington opposes the pipeline, which circumvents U.S. allies including Ukraine and Poland and could deepen Europe’s dependency on Russian gas. However, the U.S. waived […]