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  • Putin on the blitz

    Putin on the blitz

    Russia invades Ukraine sending markets on a ride, Dow goes into correction (briefly), bank stocks clobbered, and much much more!

  • Frackers are fracking again

    Frackers are fracking again

    Private oil producers are leading an industry return to places like the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma and the DJ Basin in Colorado, where drilling had almost completely stopped in mid-2020 when those areas became unprofitable because of lower oil prices. Oil production in these marginal regions isn’t expected to move the needle in the global […]

  • Winter of discontent

    Winter of discontent

    Exxon & Chevron gush cash, Microsoft purchase of Activision to get FEC looksee, J&J to pay $150 million settlement, and much much more!

  • Sometimes we sweat in winter

    Sometimes we sweat in winter

    Chevron more profitable, Bank of America sees 7 interest rate hikes, Caterpillar has supply chain issues, and much much more!

  • Chevron reports most profitable year since 2014

    Chevron reports most profitable year since 2014

    Chevron (CVX) has a current dividend yield of 4.37% and is rated as “Safe” by SimplySafeDividends. I hold CVX in my Low Yield Portfolio. In total CVX is 0.6% of my portfolio. The U.S. oil giant’s annual earnings were a dramatic turnaround from 2020, when Chevron lost $5.5 billion after the global pandemic routed demand for oil […]

  • Taking a dive

    Taking a dive

    Chasing the Yield – January 24, 2022 Episode 39 Skipping today’s episode. I have too much noise outside my office today to make a good recording. Value 4 Value podcastingListen to this podcast on PodFriend News Teekay LNG (TGP) merger closed. Reinvested funds in KKR Real Estate (KREF) & Capital Southwest (CSWC) – Chasing the […]