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26 Aug, 2021

2nd Qtr GDP revised up

Large corporations continue their accelerated growth throughout the pandemic. Gross domestic product, the official scorecard for the U.S. economy, rose at a revised 6.6% annualized pace in the second quarter, the government said Thursday. Originally the increase was put at 6.5%. The slight increase in GDP reflected somewhat stronger consumer spending and U.S. exports than initially […]
23 Aug, 2021

One step forward two steps back

https://media.blubrry.com/chasingtheyield/p/chasingtheyield.com/mp3/2021-08-23-CTY018.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 21:36 — 15.5MB) | EmbedSubscribe Android | Blubrry | Podchaser | Podcast Index | RSS | MoreChasing the Yield – August 23, 2021 Episode 18 Value 4 Value podcastingListen to this podcast on PodFriend News https://www.chasingtheyield.com/2021/08/18/target-sales-up-8-9-year-over-year/ https://www.chasingtheyield.com/2021/08/18/main-street-capital-announces-38-5-million-in-investments/ https://www.chasingtheyield.com/2021/08/19/jjs-ceo-announces-hes-stepping-down/ Portfolio Update LowYield MediumYield HighYield Week -2.02% -2.37% -3.52% […]
16 Aug, 2021

Regaining some lost ground

Regained some lost ground last week, possible class action law suit brewing for Hoegh LNG Partners, employers increasingly looking towards vaccine mandates, companies hoarding cash, and much more!
11 Aug, 2021

Inflation remains a lingering problem

I wish the federal government would back off a bit. Then we might know exactly where we stand. Eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, a $1 trillion plus infrastructure bill, and now a $3.5 trillion budget blueprint will only cloud things on this economy. The Labor Department reported Wednesday that its consumer-price index rose 5.4% in July from a […]
6 Aug, 2021

Unemployment drops to 5.4% on strong jobs report

U.S. nonfarm payrolls rose by a seasonally adjusted 943,000 in July, from June’s upwardly revised gain of 938,000, the Labor Department said Friday. The July jobs increase was the largest since August 2020. The unemployment rate, derived from a separate survey of households, fell to 5.4% in July from 5.9% in June. The number of Americans working […]
27 Jul, 2021

Orders for durable goods increased in June

Consumables are declining while durable goods are increasing. Kimberly Clarke reported reduced sales and now Lysol has done the same. Seems like the money pile keeps moving from one sector to another. New orders for products meant to last at least three years increased 0.8% to a seasonally adjusted $257.6 billion in June as compared with May, […]
22 Jul, 2021

Inflation continues to weigh on companies and consumers

I’m starting to lean towards the notion that this will not be a transitory inflationary period. If a federal $15 minimum wage comes to pass combined with further climate change regulations there is nowhere for costs to go except up. “In an environment where inflation continues to rise quarter after quarter after quarter, there are […]
28 Jun, 2021
25 Jun, 2021

Consumers shift spending to services from big ticket items

Pent up demand for dining out and other entertainment services shifted money away from big ticket items that were popular during the height of the pandemic. Spending was flat over all but money shifted from one thing to another as people started emerging from their homes. Spending was flat last month as consumers cut back […]
17 Jun, 2021

Jobless claims on the rise

Is this something to worry about or a temporary blip? My guess is that it’s a temporary blip. I don’t expect anything near normal with the economy and employment until some time next year. It is a little odd though with so many jobs open that there would be more an increase in unemployment filings. […]