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  • Another logo to try out

    Another logo to try out

    The logo I created before was a bit too busy. It was also very literal and I didn’t like it. This one is maybe off the mark but it’s simpler.

  • My strategy on energy stocks

    Oil prices have rebounded post-pandemic. Oil prices have staged a rapid recovery since the biggest crisis to strike the energy industry in decades. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies stepped in last spring to backstop the market by slashing production in the teeth of a collapse in crude prices. This week, […]

  • Why I don’t invest with a concentration on stock price

    Why I don’t invest with a concentration on stock price

    I don’t understand why a company’s stock prices moves up or down. I’ve never understood it. I watched Microsoft’s stock hover at $26.00 for a decade until Steve Ballmer stepped aside. It didn’t make sense to me because Microsoft at the time was way larger than Apple and they were making money hand over fist. […]

  • Dividend movers of the month

    The month of February was pretty good for my portfolio. All in all my annual income increased by $113.00 from investments in 8 companies. T. Rowe Price (TROW) was by far my biggest mover. They increased their dividend by 20%. It’s dividend went to $1.08 per share from $0.90 per share. Coca-Cola (KO) announced a […]

  • Trying out a logo

    Trying out a logo

    I’ve finally started moving on building out this site and have put together a quick logo. It’s pretty literal and not very artistic. I took some art from and layered pieces different graphics on top of one another to create this. Looks pretty crude but I’m going with it for now!

  • Coming Soon

    I’m not a professional money manager nor do I play one on TV. This site is dedicated to my efforts to invest my money for income generation.