Companies are pushing employees to return to the office

Party time is over I guess.

Companies including investment giant Vanguard Group, workplace technology company Paycom Software Inc. PAYC -0.15%decrease; red down pointing triangle and others have sent directives to employees in recent weeks, urging workers to follow existing hybrid schedules or to come into the office on additional days in 2023, according to internal memos viewed by The Wall Street Journal and interviews with employees. In some cases, bosses have told those who fail to comply that they could face termination within weeks.

Employees at some companies have challenged new directives in corporate all-hands sessions. Those pushing to remain at home say they find in-office work unproductive and commuting inefficient. Employers, meanwhile, say bringing workers back together is important because it helps with issues such as problem solving, training new hires and reinforcing corporate culture.

More Bosses Order Workers Back to the Office as Job Market Shifts – WSJ

Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay