2022 Wrap Up

Like everyone else 2022 was not a banner year. Overall my three portfolios were down 7.1% for the year. Not too bad when you consider the S&P was down 19%, the Dow was down 8.8%, and the NASDAQ was down 33%.

If I was reinvesting all my dividends I would have only been down 2.78% across all three portfolios. I’m satisfied with how the year turned out.

I made quite a few changes in 2022. Here’s a list of securities I sold or reduced my holdings.

  • BP – BP plc
  • SHLX – Shell Midstream Partners
  • OPI – Office Properties
  • WBD – Warner Bros. Discovery
  • PCKTX – PIMCO StocksPLUS Small Fund
  • NUE – Nucor
  • ARTNA – Artesian Resources
  • ADM – Archer Daniels Midland
  • GPC – Genuine Parts Corp
  • JNJ – Johnson & Johnson
  • CFR – Cullen Frost
  • PONPX – PIMCO Income Fund
  • STOR* – STORE Capital
  • ALB – Albemarle
  • MSFT – Microsoft
  • FAST – Fastenal
  • CAT – Caterpillar
  • UHT – Universal Health REIT

Here’s a list of securities I purchased or increased my holdings.

  • T – AT&T
  • PCN – PIMCO Corp & Income Strategy Fund
  • PFN – PIMCO Income Strategy Fund II
  • MPW – Medical Properties Trust
  • BDN – Brandywine Realty
  • HIW – Highwoods Properties
  • STOR* – STORE Capital
  • TRP – TC Energy
  • O – Realty Income
  • AMZN – Amazon
  • ETO – Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Global Dividend Opportunities Fund
  • PFL – PIMCO Income Strategy Fund
  • ENB – Enbridge
  • UHT – Universal Health REIT
  • PM – Philip Morris International
  • DOC – Physicians Realty Trust
  • NNN – National Retail Properties
  • HR – Healthcare Realty

*STOR – STORE Capital announced it was being acquired in September so I liquidated my shares and put the cash into other holdings.

It was a busier than normal year. The world truly came out of the pandemic and all its restrictions. I put my podcast on hiatus while I caught up on postponed travel. We saw inflation, interest rates, and the dollar soar. Somehow through it all the stock market hung in by its fingernails. We had some low moments but no total disasters.

I’m pessimistic on improvements in 2023. I think we’ve been in an unofficial recession since the middle of summer and this will continue throughout most of 2023. The $1.7 trillion dollar omnibus package signed into law by President Biden will not help curb inflation and the tightening of the money supply by the Federal Reserve will keep the brakes on equities.

I’m hopeful for my investment strategy though. 2022 was a good test of whether or not my principal value would hold while continuing my target dividend payout to 5% to 6%. So far so good on that front. I have more changes in store for 2023 that will maintain my payout ratio but increase the overall dividend withdrawal. I will have a blog post about that and perhaps bring back my podcast in 2023.

I wish you all a very happy and safe NEW YEAR!!

Image by h kama from Pixabay