Today I bought 10 shares of Amazon

I know… I know… Amazon is not a dividend stock and the stock price has taken a beating recently. That’s mostly why I decided to spend about $1,100 on 10 shares. The price is depressed about 50% off its all time high. With the recent 20 to 1 split a single share is now more affordable. I believe with Jeff Bezos gone from the CEO position the company will begin to move away from it’s startup mentality and move more into a traditional company. Add to all of this Amazon’s wide ranging products that don’t include the retail side and I think they are positioned to grow slowly and solidly in the decades to come. And perhaps pay a dividend somewhere down the line. It’s a gamble I know but I’m only betting with $1,100 so it’s not the end of the world and I think there is a tremendous upside.