Unilever suspends most operations in Russia

Like P&G, Unilever will continue to supply essential food and hygiene products in Russia.

Unilever (UL) has a current dividend yield of 4.49% and is rated as “Safe” by SimplySafeDividends. I hold ULin my Low Yield Portfolio. In total UL is 0.3% of my portfolio.

Unilever PLC said it will stop its advertising and media spending in Russia, as well as suspending all imports and exports of its products into and out of the country.

Unilever is the first major food maker to say that it is suspending imports and exports in Russia. The company doesn’t break out its sales in the region.

“We will not invest any further capital into the country nor will we profit from our presence in Russia,” Chief Executive Alan Jope said in a statement.

Unilever Stops Exports and Capital Investment In Russia, Pulls Ad Spending (wsj.com)