Exxon & Chevron are gushing cash

Chevron (CVX) has a current dividend yield of 4.23% and is rated as “Safe” by SimplySafeDividends. I hold CVX in my Low Yield Portfolio. In total CVX is 0.6% of my portfolio.

Exxon Mobil (XOM) has a current dividend yield of 4.40% and is rated as “Borderline Safe” by SimplySafeDividends. I hold XOM in my Low Yield Portfolio. In total XOM is 0.6% of my portfolio.

Exxon Mobil Corp. on Tuesday reported $23 billion in profit for 2021, its highest total since 2014, including $8.9 billion in profit in the fourth quarter. Last week, Chevron Corp. CVX reported its most profitable year since 2014, earning $15.6 billion in net income in 2021 and $5.1 billion in the fourth quarter. The largest European oil companies, Shell PLC and BP PLC, are expected to also post resurgent annual results when they report in the coming days.

Exxon and Chevron are predicting a multiyear upswing for the industry as oil and gas demand surges from the depths of the pandemic and investment in new production slows. The strong results have lured investors to a sector many left for dead.

The S&P 500 Energy Sector is up almost 19% so far this year while the broader S&P 500 is down about 5%. Over the last 12 months, shares of the largest Western oil companies have all risen sharply. Exxon is up about 69%, Chevron is up 54%, while Shell and BP are up 38% and 39%, respectively. Chevron’s shares reached an all-time high last week.

Exxon, Chevron Hit Gushers of Cash as Big Oil Companies Lure Back Investors – WSJ