Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine study shows strong efficacy against Delta variant

In some good COVID-19 news, it looks like the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the dark horse in the vaccine race. It’s showing higher efficacy over a longer period as well as higher efficacy against the dreaded Delta variant.

A new study from South Africa, called Sisonke, has shown Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine to be highly effective against one of the most concerning variants around right now — delta. The trial is massive and involves 480,000 healthcare workers (Johnson & Johnson’s initial phase 3 trial was relatively large and had only 45,000 participants). Although the data hasn’t been peer-reviewed, the initial numbers are extremely encouraging — showing 71% efficacy in preventing hospitalizations in delta-related cases. And in terms of preventing death, the overall efficacy rose to 96%.

By comparison, studies on two doses of the Pfizer vaccine suggest efficacy rates could range between 42% and 96% against delta. Moderna has also had varying efficacy rates but it looks to be a bit higher, at around 76%. But what’s common to both is that people need two doses of the vaccine, as a single dose offers weaker protection. And that’s where the advantage could sway significantly in Johnson & Johnson’s favor as its single-shot vaccine would be significantly easier to administer.

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