I’m fully invested now

Today I updated my Portfolios Page. There you’ll see every single stock and fund I’ve purchased and there is a brief description at the top of each portfolio.

I completed the sale of my house in Illinois and have used those funds to fully dive into income investing. I’m a little uneasy about the whole thing right now because income investing is quite new to me. Having the real estate asset was comforting because the money was not at risk. Even though it was not liquid in the back of my mind I knew it was there holding value.

In today’s stock market climate, with indexes at all time highs, I fear we’re due for a severe correction. I prepared for that by keeping about 18% of my holdings in cash. It’s important for me to hold a substantial amount in cash to make sure I can ride out any market crashes, dividend reductions, or personal emergencies.

My entire life is now in three basic buckets. My income investing portfolios (60%), my liquid cash reserves (18%), and personal real estate (22%).

Wish me luck!!